Our Webhosting Features

that set us apart from the rest!

Chilli Tech provide a hosting service which is not only fast and reliable, but also rich in features. Choose between Australian (Sydney & Melbourne) or USA servers for optimal performance to your target audience.

All of our hosting plans are on optimised CentOS 5/6 Linux Servers for maximum performance & efficiency, stability and security.

CPanel 11

All of our hosting plans (both Australia & US) come with the powerful CPanel 11.x control panel, which puts you in full control of all aspects of your hosting account and webspace. From creating and managing your email accounts, adding subdomains, viewing your website traffic stats, managing site backups, and so much more – CPanel makes handling your webhosting a breeze!

All of our hosting servers run the latest Apache 2.2.x http server, with PHP 5 and MySQL 5. This powerful combination of services make it possible to create flexible dynamic websites, and allows you to run a huge range of popular web applications and scripts within your webspace, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, e-commerce stores, image galleries, blogs, file & document managers, and so much more.

Below are just some of the many features of our CPanel hosting, see cpanel.net for more info.

  • unlimited email accounts
  • unlimited subdomains
  • file manager
  • web visitor stats
  • custom error pages
  • view error logs
  • password protect folders
  • anti-hotlink bandwidth protect
  • site backup wizard
  • anti virus protected
  • anti spam tools
  • script auto-installers
  • mysql database wizard
  • phpmyadmin mysql tool
  • And so many more..


You are able to create as many email accounts as you like with our hosting accounts, limited only by the space used. You can also create unlimited email forwarders, auto responders, mail filters and more. Our mailservers support both IMAP and POP3 connections, letting you choose if the emails are to be stored on your local PC only, or on the server as well (handy if you are connecting from multiple devices). Email accounts hosted with us can also be accessed via portable devices such as iPhones, Android devices and more.


Webmail access is also provided for all hosted email accounts, allowing you to access, send and receive mail via your web browser. We also give you several options of webmail systems to choose from, including the amazing RoundCube webmail (our personal favourite!).

Install Web Applications Easily!

Our Australian hosting servers come with Softaculous – which makes it possible to install the latest version of many (over 250!) web application scripts with just a couple of clicks. For example, do you want to setup a WordPress site but don’t know how to setup a database for it?  No problem, Softaculous does all this for you. It also makes it easy to keep installed scripts up to date with the latest versions.

Our US hosting servers come with a similar script auto-installer called Fantastico – which again lets you install widely used web application scripts with ease.

Auto-Installer Script categories include –

Site Backups

CPanel makes it very quick and easy to download a backup of your entire website down to your local machine. All of our servers also perform automated regular backups to a remote server of your webspace which can be restored upon request.

Online Customer Support

Our friendly, knowledgable Australian based support staff are here to help 7 days a week.

Customers can use our online support ticket system in the client area.

Contact us via our online contact form.

Or email: support@chillitech.com.au

Australia or US based hosting – You Choose!

We offer hosting in these two different locations for very good reason. Australian businesses who are targetting primarily the Australian audience, would benefit from hosting on our world class Sydney or Melbourne based servers for the simple fact that with a quicker response time for users within Australia, their website will load much faster for their audience.

However if your website targets an international audience, and/or has very high bandwidth requirements (at lower cost), our US based hosting would be better suited.

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